About Jane

Jane is a family owned and operated business. The restaurant is named after my grandmother, Jane Moody, who loved to travel the world and was always entertaining. She encouraged my parents, Mark & Margaret Huston to open their first restaurant, the Montecito Cafe, and so we thought it suiting to pay tribute to our beloved matriarch by naming this restaurant after her.

Photos of Jane adorn the restaurant and depict her years living abroad as well as many of her other adventures. For anyone that knew her she was one of a kind. Jane loved all people and welcomed everyone into her home.

We hope that this restaurant will live up to her warm persona and that you will be able to enjoy our family recipes and friendly service. 


I look forward to seeing you soon,


"A dining establishment (of 3 generations) that brings a bit of one family's exuberate past deliciously into the present."

Dining & Destination

From the Press


Julia Childs Production - August 22, 1986

"My husband and I have known Mark & Margaret since they first started in Santa Barbara at the cafe in Montecito Village. Mark Huston is an extremely talented chef with a fine background of professional training. And what is of extreme importance, his food is wonderfully good to eat -- fresh and classically based." 

- Julia Childs 


Dining and Destinations

"Stability is what proprietors Mark and Margaret Huston do. Married thirty years, they met while attending the California Culinary Academy and have been linked to and by food ever since. You won't find 'architectural' desserts or 

unpronounceable ingredients but rather, real, finely prepared food made with the best ingredients and no shortcuts, everything from stocks to burger buns and desserts is made on the premises."


805 Living

"Jane's favorite dessert of all time is one she grew up eating. The coconut cake is a signature dessert served year-round at the family-owned restaurant, Jane in Santa Barbara."


5:00pm - 9:00pm

Friday & Saturday

5:00pm - 9:30pm

Closed Sundays

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